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Learn EXACTLY how to make those Reels you love to watch, in a way that you won't absolutely hate.



You tried to make a Reel and almost wound up throwing your phone in the trash. 

You know you "should" post Reels but you're worried about it taking eleventy billion hours.

You're afraid of looking stupid, you don't want to dance, and you're wondering if it'll even be worth it.

If those points had you nodding your head, let me help you.

Here's What You'll Learn:

📌EVERYTHING you want to know about how to create Reels starting with the very basics like what exactly a Reel is and then moving on to:

How to make a Reel without dancing or pointing to words on the screen (though it’s 100% fine if you want to dance and point to words on a screen)

How to add text and make sure it doesn’t get cut off

How to add closed-captioning to your Reels

How to do those cool transitions you see people doing

How to add music

How to find music and sound clips to use for your videos

How to do voice overs

How to ensure that the sound stays synced up when you export the video so you don’t look like a poorly dubbed movie

How to add filters and effects to videos

How to create cover images

How to use TikTok to record videos and then upload them to Reels

How to remove the TikTok watermark so IG doesn’t hate you

How to repurpose old content to create a new Reel

How to come up with content for Reels


Imagine opening your phone and actually being excited to post.

All The Answers, Right In the Palm of Your Hand 

Any question you've ever had about Reels, I can guarantee that this course answers it. I'm literally that obsessed with Instagram. As for presenting the information, I get it, Reels can be confusing as hell. That's why I've broken this course into 38, yes I said 38 (hear me out), incredibly simply lessons. The shortest of which is a mere 49 seconds, the longest coming in at a very reasonable 9 minutes and 39 seconds. Short lessons means that you get through them, you can easily refer back, and don't need to sift through 35 minutes of video to try and find an answer. For my visual learners (it me) I've also included a downloadable PDF of all of the slides. Your results are my reputation. I'm here to help you learn, not to take your money.


What Makes this Course Different than the Nine Zillion Other Courses Out There?

Quite simply stated, I care about connection and I champion authenticity. If you're looking for a quick hack and a way to beat the algorithm, this ain't the course for you. I'm here to teach you how to create content that you can be proud of, and build relationships that will pandemic-proof your business. Instagram is a slow-burn, long-play game where longevity reigns supreme. My focus is on teaching you how to show up in a way that is not just 100% authentically you, but also in a way that you will actually enjoy, and will allow you to keep showing up for years to come. 

Learn how to stop comparing yourself to everyone and start contributing to the conversation. You've got something to say, let me help you say it.

Ok, you've got my attention, but what were you saying about those 38 lessons?!?

It may sound like a lot at first, but all 38 lessons combine for a total watch time of just two and a half hours, which means that you can absolutely complete this course in one sitting if you don't have kids, or a few bathroom hideaways if you do. I went ahead and listed out all the lessons and their durations below. It's not the prettiest thing, but hopefully it allows you to see just how doable and comprehensive this course is.

  1. Primer
  2. Welcome and Logistics (2:21)
  3. Questions from the workshop attendees (5:31)
  4. General Mantras for IG (3:12)
  5. Questions to Assess Your Current Instagram Usage, Proficiency, and Barriers (7:39)
  6. What are Reels and Why Should You Make Them? (9:35)
  7. Make your first Reel with me (2:50)
  8. General Tips and Things to Remember when Making a reel (11:25)
  9. How to Access Reels (2:53)
  10. Navigating the Reels Editor (5:35)
  11. Adding Audio/Music to Your Reel (5:52)
  12. Importing Audio From Your Camera Roll (1:36)
  13. Uploading Photos and Videos to a Reel from Your Camera Roll (1:49)
  14. 14. How to use the Green Screen Feature (8:32)
  1. How to Record Individual Clips (3:42)
  2. How to Use the Timer for Hands-Free Recording (6:05)
  3. How to Use Audio from Someone Else’s Reel (1:52)
  4. Using the Alignment Icon to Create Transitions (2:55)
  5. How to Trim Individual Clips (1:40)
  6. Understanding the Editing Screen (2:48)
  7. Advanced Audio Controls and Techniques (2:03)
  8. How to Create Voiceovers (2:38)
  9. How to Add Stickers, Closed Captioning, and GIFs (3:19)
  10. Adding Text (4:16)
  11. Using the Text-to-Voice Feature (1:10)
  12. Posting your Reel (1:55)
  13. Adding a Cover Image (2:12)

28. How to Create a Cover Image Using InShot (9:39)

  1. Using Zubtitle to create fancier Reels (0:49)
  2. Additional Features (6:13)
  3. Identifying and Understanding the Different Types of Reels (6:12)
  4. What should you post? (3:55)
  5. Using TikTok for Reels (7:13)
  6. How to Remove the TikTok Watermark from Your TikTok Videos (1:36)
  7. Using InShot to Sync the Audio After Exporting a TikTok Video (1:37)
  8. Question from a workshop attendee: How do you know when it’s time to start diversifying your social media platforms? (5:01)
  9. Conclusion and Closing the Loop of learning (2:39)
  10. Test Your Mastery and Apply What You Learned (5:45) 

There Are No Secrets Here. Take A Look Under the Hood:

For those of you wondering what exactly this course looks like and how it's delivered, smash that play button and take a look for yourself. I created this course from the recording of a live workshop I ran, and added in a few videos to make sure all of the most recent Instagram updates were included. The videos are picture in picture, with a shared screen view of my phone so you can see EXACTLY what I'm doing and how I'm using the app. Speed up the playback, pause it, rewind it, come back to it later, this is learning on your terms.


Instagram doesn't have to be intimidating.

In Case You Have No Idea Who I Am:

I'm the Maestro, aka Dr. C. Shanté Cofield. I'm a physical therapist by trade, an entrepreneur by choice, and I'm obsessed with Instagram. I've helped hundreds of online business owners learn how to use Instagram to establish their brand, grow their business, and have a bigger impact. I believe in curating your experience on the 'Gram, creating MOAR than you consume, and showing up with 100% authenticity. If you want help with your 'Gram life, I gotchu. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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You ready?!?

Reel talk, making Reels can get confusing and take a long time. I'm not going to promise you that you'll master it in 1 minute, but I will promise you that you'll gain all the tools you need in order to practice, improve, and show up 100% the way that YOU want to on the 'Gram. Lemme help you make some Reels that are really you.