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Breathing with the Maestro - Online Course

Tired of all the confusing and conflicting information out there?

Purchase now and get your questions answered. Breathing doesn't need to be complicated.

Come breathe with the Maestro. 

What you'll learn:

  • What happens when we breathe
  • The roll of the diaphragm, vagus nerve, and CO2
  • How breathing affects different systems in our body including the GI system, pelvic floor, nervous system, musculoskeletal system
  • How focusing on the breath can improve health and performance
  • Proper pressurization strategies
  • What’s the deal with these breathing trends we’re hearing about today: Wim Hof Breathing and Nasal Breathing
  • Telltale signs that you or someone you love should focus a bit more on their breathing
  • Simple assessment strategies
  • Suggestions for easy ways to start working on your breathing
  • Specific drills and exercises to work on breathing
  • Additional resources to take you farther down the rabbit hole

Bonus material:

  • Downloadable PDF of the slides


What People Are Saying:

“For students, this video was a fantastic introduction to breathing and its importance for patients. It gave clear examples of how to include breathing while addressing each patient's condition in different positions working from fundamental to functional. ”

Hannah R.

“The Maestro is so motivating! She is engaging right out of the gates and all of the info is immediately applicable in the clinic!! ”

Allison O.

“Shante’s ability to clearly convey the information, along with her great on-camera presence, made learning about breathing and it’s powerful effects very enjoyable. A definite must for anyone looking to start introducing breathwork to their clients.”

Jeff L.

“The Maestro has done it again, Simple solutions to breathing better.... Everyone can breathe, this just helps to get clients/friends/anyone even yourself to breathe better. Do yourself a favour, take a deep breath and learn with the Maestro.”

Jai W.

“Breathing with the Maestro was an exceptional course! It was a great blend of content plus functional movement and video exercises - all relevant and easy to put into place immediately in practice! Thank you so much, and I can’t wait for more courses!”

Angela H.