Learn how to DOMINATE Instagram and build your brand like a BOSS.

Do you want to do more on social media but you haven't been able to stay consistent with posting? Not seeing the numbers you want? Don't think you have anything new to say? Worried about wasting your time? Want to post but don't know where to start?

THIS is the challenge for you.

Challenge Starts July 1st


Daily Topics Delivered Right to Your Email

Not sure what to post? Let me do the thinking and you do the creating. I'll provide the topic, you provide the content, and your audience gets to enjoy the magic. BOOM!

Incentivized Accountability

TWO lucky winners will each receive a grand prize worth over $400. Did someone say Maestro Meeting?!! But you gotta complete all 7 days to win. After all, you have to show up if you want to blow up.

Daily Motivation and Support

Follow the hashtag to connect with other participants, join me for DAILY for interactive Instagram Lives, and tag me so I can give you feedback and share your dopeness with the world!

What the heck is it exactly?

100% interactive. 100% on Instagram. 100% FREE. 100% designed to get you posting TODAY and growing your brand RIGHT NOW.

The most difficult thing about Instagram is showing up, so let's do it together. Join me, The Movement Maestro, for a 7 day Instagram challenge where you must post EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's it. Simple, but not easy.

To help you out, each day I will send you an email that tells you what to post, keeps you motivated, and explains the strategies that I used to grow my following to almost 47,000 highly engaged, super-dope humans. I'm competitive so you already know there will be some bonus challenges to raise the stakes and keep things interesting...but you gotta be on the email list to find out what those are!

Social media changed my life, and it can change yours too. Attract new patients, fill your courses, sell your products, speak internationally...but before you can do any of that, you have to show up and post.

So sign up for the challenge and let's do this!


Challenge starts July 1st!

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